Director's Desk

"Mr. Roy Varghese the son of an ordinary middle class farmer along with his wife Mrs. Mini Roy came to Kadipur in 2001 with the mission of giving quality education in this remote area of Uttar Pradesh. Covering a distance of over 3200 km, they found it very difficult to settle down on the soil of U.P and adapt to the changes in food, climate culture and so on. But each obstacle on their way vanished before their determination and passion of doing something exemplary and revolutionary Setting their feet on this soil was not ever easy. but their belief in the policy slow and steady wins the race bore outstanding results.

With more than 10 years of experience of teaching in other schools, they found that the parents of the children in Kadipur had a thirst to admit their children into a good quality English medium school. So with this idea they started the school in a rented building with just three teachers and 38 students.

The school today has its own building on a sprawling campus and is equipped with science labs, a computer lab and a library. It also has its own fleet of buses to collect students from various distant destinations.

The school also conducts a three day sports festival, a three day youth festival, a science exhibition and a five day educational tour every year.

All these have only been possible due to the far sighted vision of the couple who are still inexhaustible and pursue the routine of hard work and labor as a result of which their students have yielded incredible outcomes in the locality.