General Instruction

1. Every student should regularly carry with him on her the school diary. Student should come to school, neat and clean, dressed in full school Uniform.

2. Students should be in the school before the assembly bell ring and at the bell, they will form their lines house- wise. During the assembly, all should recite the prayers, sing the National Anthem and listen to the speakers carefully, there after leave the school assembly and go to their respective classes in silence Running, shouting, hooting or whistling shall lead to disciplinary action.

3. All students must be in their seats before the teacher enters the class. During the class, the students are expected to open their respective subject book and study till the teacher comes. If the teacher does not arrive in the class within five minutes after the bell, for a period to commence, the second monitor should report the fact to the office while the first monitor shall be responsible for order and discipline in the class until a substitute teacher arrives.

4. Students should take care of school property. They should not write or scratch on desks, chairs, walls or doors of the school. Any damage done to the school property must be reported immediately and remedied by the offender. The decision of the Principal in this matter will be final.

5. School is not responsible for the goods or money lost. Lost articles if found in the school premises should be recovered within a fortnight from the school office. Kindly inscribe your ward’s name on articles like bags, water bottles etc. as it helps to identify the owner.

6. Students are forbidden to bring crackers, explosives and colour balloons or dangerous materials to school.

7. Electronic calculators, mobile phones and other gadgets should not be brought to school.

8. Besides text books and school library books, no other book (novels, magazines, news papers or comics etc.) are to be brought to school. Obscene articles, books, pictures and letters, found with any student, shall lead to dismissal from the institution.

9. When students move along corridors or up and down the stairs, while changing classes, they should walk to the left in silence.

10. No student is allowed to remain in the classroom during recess time or when the class is out for some other activities.

11. Students are forbidden `to play, shout or run’ about in the class rooms and verandahs.

12. Students should never sit on the teacher’s chair in the class room nor on top of the desk.

13. Only students of class VI and above are allowed to bring cycles to the school. Cycles should be kept at the allotted places and locked. The school authorities can not be held responsible for any damage done to or any part missing from the cycles.

14. No student is allowed to bring any motorized vehicle. It has been made essential in view of safety and environmental health consideration.

15. Students on bicycles must get down at the school gate and walk to the allotted places.

16. All students should take an honest pride in keeping the school premises clean. Take care during recess not to litter the compound, corridor and roads with lunch scraps, fruit peels, polythene, napkins etc. Make use of the dustbins provided in the school. It is the duty of every student to stop erring students committing litter.

17. Pupils must attend Physical Education, games and other activities out side school hours when required to do so. Participation on such occasions will be deemed compulsory by the school. Exemption from Physical Education is permitted only for serious health reasons and with medical certificate. Students who have obtained exemption must nevertheless accompany the class to the field.

18. No late arrival to school may be admitted to class without the principal’s signature on the absence record page in the school diary. The teachers will also sign the absence record page before admitting the pupil to class.

19. No pupil may leave the school premises during school hours (recess time included) without the written permission from the principal.

20. As this instructs in English Medium, students should speak in English at all times as long as they are in the school premises. Even parents should encourage their children in responding in English. It will help your child to have a good command over English.

21. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of home work, disobedience and disrespect towards the members of the school staff, dishonesty or bad moral influence justify dismissal.

22. Pupils who do not come to school on the days of reopening after vacations will be fined.

23. Ordinarily a school diary is published under the authority of the school each year. Any changes in the school rules are notified in the diary. Each pupil must possess a copy of the school diary.

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