About St. Xavier's Junior High School

Keeping this effective thought in verbatim, St. Xavier's Jr. High School, Kadipur was set up in the year of 2001 aiming to provide the best education in the locality to all those who are hungry for education. We firmly believe that every individual child is a unique creation of the Almighty and he/she has the privilege to be educated.

St. Xavier's Jr. High School, kadipur, run by St. Xavier's Educational & Welfare Society is under the process of affiliation with CBSE, New Delhi upto Class X. English is the medium of instruction , communication and examination where as Hindi is compulsorily taught in every class as it is our National Language. The school extends its invaluable service to all sorts of people irrespective of their certain religion, cast or creed, and wipes out the darkness of illiteracy from the society and leads it to the source of eternal light.

At present we have a good unit of competent staff, well trained, determined and thirsty in serving others and provide excellent educational and training facilities from Class I to Class VIII thus guiding them from darkness to light literally.

Our mission is to enable the children to be the masters in all spheres of activities that they involve, to fell and empower the magnitude of their inner sight and to shine out the image of God that inherits in their very soul. The school endeavours to instill in the students the need of service to human race , respect and love to their fellow beings equally , good manner, courteousness and patriotism. It also ensures the all level development of its pupils with adequate growth physically, mentally and intellectually and creates in them a keen interest for learning in tune with modern scientific temper. They are also inculcated to do every possible step in building our nation in justice and peace, respecting the dignity of every individual, thus bringing down the ‘Heaven above on to the earth. It generates the spirit of selfless service to the weak, abandoned, old and sick and teaches them the art of living together’ with cooperation and understanding with one another and be self motivated to become and agent of needed social changes in our country .